Tutoni's menu of creative dishes and new spins on traditional Italian standards offers customers a dining experience they can’t find anywhere else. We’re "taking it back to the old country" by providing authentic Italian flavors. We take pride in working with local farms and farmers: each seasonal menu emphasizes the best of the region’s abundant agricultural scene. At Tutoni's, seasonal makes sense and people are priority.

5 tips to get the most out of tapas

Tapas on Top at Tutoni’s showcases our culinary team’s talents one small bite at a time. Here’s a guide to having the best tapas experience.

Think of tapas as an awesome opportunity to forget about dining etiquette in the traditional sense. Best enjoyed in a flurry of passing plates, double-dipping and sometimes eating with your fingers, tapas serves up an alternative, yet just as delicious, form of fine dining.

The Tapas on Top experience at Tutoni’s in York, Pa., takes your taste buds on a culinary adventure – one small bite at a time.

The latest addition at Tutoni’s showcases our culinary team’s talents while giving you the chance to experience new flavors and exceptional ingredients with the company of good friends.

While it's a popular tradition in countries around the world and can be found in big city restaurants in the United States, tapas is just starting to catch on in other places.

Our tapas dinner guide will navigate your first small-plate experience so you leave dreaming about the new dishes you can try next time you visit our downtown York restaurant.  

1.   Just how hungry are you?

Tapas, by definition, are small savory dishes. And there are a few different ways that you could enjoy them.

If you’re just in the mood for tickling your taste buds without stuffing your stomach, grab an after-work glass of wine or scratch drink at the TT Bar upstairs and enjoy a tapas plate or two during cocktail hour.

If you're hungry for more, head to Tapas on Top for dinner. You might end up ordering three to four plates per person, depending on how hungry you are, as you enjoy our culinary team's delectable creations.

2. Go with good company

Small plates like tapas are best enjoyed shared with others.

So whether you’re on a date with your main squeeze or out with a group of friends or co-workers, order a few plates of tapas to pass around.

Eating tapas in good company at Tutoni’s gives you the opportunity to try more bites and dishes you might never have ordered for yourself.

3.  Let the server be your tour guide

Don’t be afraid to admit that you have no idea what to do when ordering at a tapas restaurant.

If this is your first tapas dinner, let your server know you’re new to tapas. You could even let her know how hungry you’re feeling, how much you might want to spend and what you hope to get out of the experience.

Your server knows the house specialties, what to recommend based on other foods you might like and how you can fully appreciate our York, Pa., tapas restaurant.

4. Try new things

Here’s maybe the best piece of advice about how to order tapas:

For each dish you order that’s familiar and comfortable, order one that dares your palate to be adventurous.

A delicately constructed cheese plate might be scrumptious and comfortable, but the duck heart tacos might just be your new favorite food.

You won’t know until you try it. So get both.

5. Come back for more

The great thing about tapas is trying new things each time you visit (and maybe also ordering that plate you got last time you’ve been craving all week).

You probably won’t get to taste everything on the menu in one sitting, so we invite you to come back again and try the seasonal offerings our York, Pa., Italian restaurant is known for.

We can’t wait to showcase all the dishes we’ve been creating for our Tapas on Top menu. Make your reservation with us tonight!