Tutoni's menu of creative dishes and new spins on traditional Italian standards offers customers a dining experience they can’t find anywhere else. We’re "taking it back to the old country" by providing authentic Italian flavors. We take pride in working with local farms and farmers: each seasonal menu emphasizes the best of the region’s abundant agricultural scene. At Tutoni's, seasonal makes sense and people are priority.

Get attached to Tutoni's scratch cocktails

Tutoni's is raising the bar when it comes to cocktail hour. Following its same high standard for creating locally sourced and artfully prepared dishes that bring a taste of the big city to a York, Pa. restaurant., Tutoni's is now pouring that same care and quality at its new upstairs bar.

Whether you prefer the herbal undertones of a Gin and Tonic or the classic hint of molasses in an Old Fashioned, Tutoni’s scratch cocktail menu is elevating the Prohibition-era drinks that are making a comeback.

Join us at Tapas on Top — one of the latest offerings you’ll find for York, Pa., bars. Ours is set in the cozy, rustic atmosphere our second floor offers. Order a tantalizing bite from our tapas menu or sit back and let the bartender walk you through how simple changes, like craft soda, homemade bitters and infused liquors can transport you from your bar stool to a new cocktail experience.

Elevating the classics

It’s not about changing the classic drinks you’ve come to love, it's about making them better. Bar manager Bryan Busch sipped and sampled and created a lineup of scratch cocktails that celebrate the Prohibition-era drinks that have returned to the York, Pa., bar scene without taking away what people love most about these classics.

The Tutoni’s Old Fashioned looks like the classic Bourbon beverage many people consider a bar staple, but the addition of homemade orange bitters takes this drink from the same-old cocktail your grandfather ordered and elevated it to a truly original scratch cocktail.

Fresh twists on other classic cocktails also allow Tutoni’s to keep in line with the seasons. That’s why the Clover Club — a classic Pennsylvania cocktail typically served with raspberry syrup —will sport a red, cranberry syrup in the winter months when raspberries aren’t available in the region.

Tutoni’s is also bringing back another Prohibition-style tradition: cocktail hour punch. Grab a seat at the bar and let the bartender slide you a glass of Tutoni’s Cocktail Hour Punch, a rotating, seasonal and daily changing selection of a classic bar punch brought back to life. If you really like the punch, you can even order a punch bowl for your dinner table at the main restaurant downstairs. Served in vintage glasses, Tutoni’s punch proudly resurrects a classic era of cocktails at its York, Pa., bar.


All in the name

There’s a whole story behind each of the original cocktails that are crafted behind the bar at Tutoni’s.

The King George — a three-day thyme-infused bourbon cocktail featuring orange cordial, grapefruit juice, Carpano Antica and aromatic —is named after the building Tutoni’s calls home, which according to York County legend was once a brothel called The King George.

If you’re looking for something a little less risqué, try the Smoked Cherie, named after York’s very own Cherie Anne, who is better known for selling freshly brewed teas at 48 W. Philadelphia St., in York. Combining Montelobos, lemon, egg white and a cold smoked tea syrup, this cocktail offers a subtle flavor that will remind you of childhood campfires.

New to Pennsylvania, sample the unique taste of Barr Hill Gin, a Vermont-sourced liquor previously not available to bars in York, Pa. This liquor – made with juniper berries and real Vermont honey – is featured in The B. Your palate will dabble over the sweetness of gin and tart lemon brought down a notch with the addition of black pepper-infused honey.



Let Tutoni's quench your thirst with one of our craftfully prepared scratch cocktails.

Even the simpler bar drinks, such as the Cranberry Vodka and Rum and Coke, are elevated with freshly squeezed juices and craft sodas poured right from the bottle.

You’ll never be able to look at your favorite cocktails the same way.