Guest Book Highlights: July 2015

As anyone who's visited Tutoni's knows, we leave a small guest book for our visitors to sign when they leave.  Here's some of our favorite comments from the month of July! (Be sure to check back to see if the comments from your last visit made it up!)

7/10 “Sarah is a pleasure.  We enjoy every meal we have here.” –Melissa & David

7/11 “This place is amazing : ) The food was so good. Thank you for catering to my dietary restrictions! We will definitely be back!” –Kaley & Zack

7/20 “A wonderful delight to have such an exceptional restaurant in York. Cheers!” –Michael & Tony

7/22 “First time here and absolutely loved it! Thank you for a wonderful dining experience! -Nick F.

 7/26 “Best Italian I’ve had since my Italian Grandmother Rose. Yum!!!” – Kim Carlo Snyder

7/30 “A lovely evening! Delicious!” – Brian & Susan Wood

We are extremely excited to have had signatures from patrons who live in Arizona, Colorado, and even Quebec! We look forward to recapping next month’s signatures, stay tuned.